Anja Karkku-Hohti

Anja Karkku-Hohti has done a long career as and artist and an art teacher. She was graduated from Finland’s Art Academy and is a member of Finnish Painter’s Union. Her debut was in the year 1958. After that she has participated to several private and group exhibitions here and abroad.

”To me, in the paintings the color is what matters. I have noticed that looking at a clear and bright colored surface gives me strong energy impulses, even until addiction. In the paintings there are always some recognizable figures. One can say that they are connected to everyday’s experiences, what has been seen, sensed, felt and imagined. The everyday life is reflected with some festive colors. In the paintings I find interest in shapes, colors and their rhythm in a space. Ever since the beginning of my art studies the roots of my art have been strongly connected with european modernism. The essential part of it is the given message about independent life of the color and the shape, which are free from the real world’s ties.”